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It's got 100's of articles related to the massage industry. Videos, Styles, Treatments, Products, etc...

We are in the process of populating our new store. Massage Oils, Massage Lotions, Massage Accessories, Hand and Body Lotion, Bubble Bath, and much, much more. Click Here For New Store!

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SunSign Oils has added all new products. Massage oils, massage lotions, oil warmers, bath products, candles, incense, bubble baths, bath salts, gift sets, spa sets, and much more.  We have also added 22 new scents, aromatherapy, essential oils, and other treats. It will be fully operational, and up and running within the next few weeks.
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  Touch is one of the oldest known medical treatments known in the world. To get a complete history of massage  Click here.

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Massage Oil

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Massage Oil

Sunsign Oils Massage Oil is formulated to be stain resistant,  wash off easily with soap and water, and unlike most other oils, it will not go rancid.
Our massage oil will enhance the pleasure of your massage and give a creamy smooth feel to your  skin.

Our massage oil  is formulated exclusively
with ingredients derived from plants, no animal by-products are used.

Massage Oil Testimonials

Massage Lotion

Our massage lotion was formulated to meet specific requests from our customers to incorporate new and exciting ingredients. Our massage lotion has met with overwhelming approval from our customers and has had very high resale response. Of particular interest is the introduction of Sodium PCA in our formula. Sodium PCA is the natural moisturizing factor of the skin and allows the skin to fully re-moisturize after being subjected to drying conditions, such as wind and sun, harsh detergents and soaps, bathing and swimming.

Massage Lotion Testimonials

We have just included our 8 oz. bottles of massage oil on the website. We have added 7 new fragrances, and will be including more later.


Massage Oil

Massage Oils are applied easily to the skin for a light, even glide and smooth workability. Pure cold-pressed oils are ideal for therapists looking for natural products.


  • MASSAGE OILS THROUGHOUT HISTORY HAVE BEEN REGARDED AS A MOST PRECIOUS medium for healing and spiritual work. The color, fragrance, phytol content, texture and specific genus or species dictates the massage oils specific healing vent. An massage oils color and fragrance can indicate mineral content, specific acids, ester, natural steroids and pain killers as well as chlorophyll content. When base oils are referred to simply as a vehicle or “carrier oil”, this insinuates that the base is merely to carry for an essential.

    THE NUMBER ONE TOOL OF A MASSAGE THERAPIST IS "THEIR MASSAGE OIL," just as an artist has his brushes, a doctor his instruments, the number one tool of a massage therapist is “their massage oil.” Usually when massage practitioners are buying massage oils for their practice, they do not consider the specific chemicals in that massage oil or if the massage oil is “food grade quality.” For our health, the rule of thumb should be, “If you can’t eat it, perhaps you should not use it. GROWERS, CHEMICAL COMPANIES AND MANUFACTURERS KNOW that “unprocessed, cold pressed base oils are rich with pain relievers, anti-inflammatories, enzymes, vitamins, natural steroids and assist prostaglandin production, an important immune system factor. Pharmaceutical companies buy tanks of raw oils to harvest their abundant medicinal elements for medicine. As health practitioners we should know exactly what those “healing elements” are, and in which specific oils they can be found.

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